Ik heb mijn About-pagina aangevuld met podcasts waar ik te gast was. Vooral om te praten over indieweb en decentrale sociale netwerken.

Cory Doctorow’s linkdump of today is so dense with great quotes and stories, it’ll keep you clicking and learning a full day.

Enshittification came to the ISP business early and hit it hard. The cartel that controls your access to the internet today is a billion light-years away from the principled technologists who invented the industry with an ethos of care, access and fairness. Today’s ISPs are bitterly opposed to Net Neutrality, the straightforward proposition that if you request some data, your ISP should send it to you as quickly and reliably as it can.

From the birth of ISP’s to AI snake-oil and giraffology. Happy sunday!

Patti Astor, who co-founded the renowned Fun Gallery in New York City, has passed away at the age of 74. She was known for her advocacy of graffiti and street art as legitimate forms of art, as well as for her involvement in the influential film Wild Style. In 2014 I received an autographed copy of her biography. Filled back to back with great photographs of her life in the hip-hop scene.

A woman poses with one hand on her hip against a graffiti backdrop. Text reads FUN GALLERY…the true story BY PATTI ASTOR. Three people pose in front of a colorful graffiti wall with the words WILD STYLE written. The man in the center wears a red jacket and a cap. Text in Japanese is overlaid. A page with a title FUN GALLERY... THE TRUE STORY by Patti Astor. Below, a handwritten signature in pink ink reads xx Patti Astor with 2014 flanked by asterisks.

The STRAAT museum in Amsterdam is a continuation of the vision Patti Astor had, to show how graffiti is a legitimate form of art. If you have the chance to visit this incredible museum, you will not regret it. See my own (Dutch) review in the archives…

It is great to see all sorts of small blogging platforms popping up. I might have to take the time to create an overview in a post, but for now I want to bring your attention to Gibberish. A blogging app that looks and feels like a messaging app. It’s weird and that’s the point. We text and Whatsapp all the time. But when it comes to blogging, we stare at a blank editing screen like a rabbit in the headlights. The UI of Gibberish tricks you to go into writing mode. Just go. Gibberish is not for everyone and that’s OK. For instance, the maker states:

[…]The smaller the text input field is, the more users are willing to type text in them. Typing in a giant blank screen feels like a chore. But typing in a tiny text field feels effortless.

This goes diametrically what others are saying, like Dave Winer, who wants to eradicate tiny textboxes and have more space to write.

Whatever your flavor, just keep publishing and sharing!

I love Readwise. I don’t use it too often but I love how they create a universe for my read-later pages, PDF’s, newsletters and since a few days, RSS. I’ve been testing the new feedreader for a few days. It’s not fully to my liking yet, but I understand the roadmap of Readwise, so I’m patient. However, while browsing through a selection of my daily feeds, I was stumped to read in Readwise a post by Ben Werdmuller. Or so I thought. What happened is Ben links to another site in the title of his own post. He gives a small comment on the page, but in my Readwise Reader, it parses the site Ben links to. Which, I agree with Ben, is inspiring. But I’d rather have Ben’s thoughts in my feedreader instead of the parsed site he links to. It is pretty easy to give feedback to the Readwise, so I did. I hope this issue is resolved soon.

Elke XKCD comic is waanzinnig, maar deze machine is next level awesome! Lekker knutselen!

Ik laat nu Micro.blog zien aan Kirsten Jassies, bekend van de Podcast over Social Media

I’m halfway into @annaleen@wandering.shop ‘s The Future of Another Timeline and I feel I should’ve made my own notes on who does what with whom where in which timeline… I’m getting confused!

A few lines from the book The Future of Another Timeline.

The first sunny day of spring and there is a long queue at the local ice-cream parlor. Totally worth it!

It’s the first weekend of the new month. So I have updated my /NOW-page.

30 years ago today...

I still miss Kurt. What kind of music would he make if he was still here? And to give you some perspective, in 1994 it was 30 years since Sam Cooke died. Or Ian Fleming. I’m getting old… Time to crank some Bleach, Nevermind and In Utero today. And of course, the infamous MTV Unplugged session.

Kagi update #2: Well thát escalated quickly… After the glowing reviews, I also found concerns about the ethical choices of the company. It all comes down to the discussion in this forum thread. I have to be honest, it’s a messy situation. I wasn’t even aware of the issues with the Brave browser, which is my default browser for over a year now. I don’t know for a 100% how to deal with this. I still want to read some of the more thoughtful and balanced responses in the thread. I have experience working at a startup and currently work at a creative agency. I recognize some of the discussions and arguments that are given from both sides. I don’t claim to have the answers for them. I don’t even know for sure how I feel about it myself.

I only know for now, for myself, I don’t live in a vacuum. I don’t live in an ideal world. I want to be the positive change myself. I know I can’t fight every battle. I know I will not see the end of the discussion. I need to move on from day to day. I have other priorities.

So… I don’t have a definitive answer to the situation of Kagi, Brave and the intersection of tech and politics.

I am already in love with Kagi Smallweb!

Here’s the first Kagi follow-up: Oh my, will you just LOOK at Kagi Small Web! A collection of handpicked personal homepages you can browse through, you can subscribe to the RSS feed of appreciated pages and you can even see the list of 12.361blogs. Yes I checked and I’m in it. More on this on their own blog. This is just wonderful. To quote the blogpost: The driving question behind this initiative was simple yet profound: the web is made of millions of humans, so where are they?

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I read two glowing reviews about searchengine Kagi. Yesterday by 404 Media, today Cory Doctorow, who explains it as “Kagi is a heavily customized, anonymized front-end to Google” and “discovers that Kagi - the good search engine - is mostly Google with the weights adjusted to serve users, not shareholders.” I now run a free trial of Kagi as my default searchengine to see how it holds.

Embrace the messy beauty of note-taking

Richard from Writing Slowly commented on my bookmark about messy notes with a post of his own called “When it comes to writing notes, how much mess is just enough?”. It got me thinking about my own approach to note-taking and the fine line between structure and serendipity. The Single Idea Dilemma One of Richard’s “rules” for his notes is that “Each note is a single idea.” I can certainly see the appeal of this tidy approach.

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System Violators

One of my favorite subreddits is /r/oldschoolcool. It’s “a pictorial and video celebration of history’s coolest kids, everything from beatniks to bikers, mods to rude boys, hippies to ravers. And everything in between.” And it didn’t disappoint today. Look at this screenshot. This is straight out of a casting for a new Netflix Stranger Things spin-off! Or as one of the Redditors commented: “I feel like this exact group was in another room of Shermer High doing programming while the Breakfast Club was in detention.

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📚 Currently reading: The Future of Another Timeline by Annalee Newitz (@Annaleen@wandering.shop)

“The mind-blowing punk feminist sci-fi time traveling thriller you’ve been waiting for, and which our culture desperately needs. Packed with action, sass, righteousness, and danger, it just might be a perfect book.” —Michelle Tea

Open Space format in a professional setting

One of the finest birthdays I visited was the Unconference Birthday by Ton Zijlstra and his family. It was not your regular birthday, but a gathering of diverse and lovely people to discuss and share about Smart Stuff that Matters. They organized this day around the principles of Open Space. I read on his blog about the passing of Harrison Owen, the originator of the Open Space format. It led me to this older blogpost by Ton, where he explains the Open Space format in great detail.

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The Imperfectionist: The life-changing magic of not tidying up:

Impose too much order on your notes, and you eliminate the serendipitous connections that are how ideas arise.

Comments are back!

For a couple of weeks I noticed my comments were off below each post. I like to have multiple options to respond for you, my dear reader, so I dove under the hood what was wrong. I think the switch to the new Tiny Theme with microhooks made the comments disappear. I use a script from Cusdis for this and I had to move it into a microhook to make it visible.

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