The Imperfectionist: The life-changing magic of not tidying up:

Impose too much order on your notes, and you eliminate the serendipitous connections that are how ideas arise.

Comments are back!

For a couple of weeks I noticed my comments were off below each post. I like to have multiple options to respond for you, my dear reader, so I dove under the hood what was wrong. I think the switch to the new Tiny Theme with microhooks made the comments disappear. I use a script from Cusdis for this and I had to move it into a microhook to make it visible.

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The Whimsical Wheelybot Lives!

One of my hobbies to keep me off the screen, is building miniatures from existing materials. Today I finished my first ever beadbot, I call it the Whimsical Wheelybot. Ever since I saw the videos by Youtuber Bill Making Stuff, I knew this was something I could put some creativity into. Beadbots are an invention of Bill. The basic idea is that you use parts from toys, small beads and other (plastic) utensils.

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The Breakfast Club is 40 years young today

Today is March 24, 2024. 40 years ago, 5 students were locked up for a day at Shermer High School to write an essay on Who They Are. During the day, the school princess 👸, athlete🏈, smart 🧠, weirdo 👜 and criminal ✊, get to know each other better and better and find out that they are all not so different. It still remains one of my favorite films, not in the least because of the universe that director John Hughes crafted around the fictional town of Shermer, where the movie takes place.

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For some reason my old Digging the Digital blog got a ton of visitors the last two days. I have no idea why that happened. I have some basic analytics from Tinylytics (by Vincent Ritter) that showed a big spike.

Looking into Tinylytics also made me decide to install it here on this blog as well. Let’s see what happens on this here little corner of the internet!

The session by and on the use of Excalidraw in Obsidian for tabletop RPG’s was insane. I knew Excalidraw is powerful, but what I just saw was just incredible. Really something to dig deeper into. Not only for gaming, work as well. #PKMSummit2024

How to deal with a growing collection of notes

Today and tomorrow I will take tons of notes on talks and workshops about note-taking, personal knowledge management and working in your digital garden. I will visit the PKM Summit here in Utrecht and I really look forward to it. For the talks, the niche nerdy bubble I’ll be in and of course the people. There will be dozens of familiair faces I haven’t spoken to in real for ages and there will be new minds to meet.

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So now I follow @manton on his Threads account With my Mastodon account Whilst posting about it on

This might get confusing… 😂

Another fine example on how the small and personal web is so much more fun and human. This morning I asked on the help-forum how I could use the new Blogroll functionality to create a page where I have more control over its appearance. Within hours did not only Manton Reece come to the rescue with a terrific explanation how to do this (build your own plugin, which is shockingly simple!), he also updated the original Blogroll dataset to include the RSS feed for use in my plugin. So now my /blogroll page is powered by the functionality. It all just works. Now it’s time to hop on the Blogrollin’ Train again and see what Dave Winer is up to!

Can anyone help with how I show my blogroll in a way I want it formatted?

“my own habits–how often do I have personal data on my phone in a public place? My website lists plenty of information about me, and other places on the Internet probably reveal even more.” Personal data is everywhere in public

I think about this more and more. Over the last 25 years online, I’ve published quite a lot about myself. From my blog to social networks. Photos, videos, LinkedIn information. I’ve been a freelancer, with my address visible on Google Maps. It’s pretty impossible to remove all this information and make me invisible online. Which in a strange way is a good thing. Because there is no clear line between online and offline anymore. To disappear completely online would, after all these years, in my specific situation, mean something bad has happened offline.

To quote Nathan again:

The real defense against burglary (and identity theft) is our social contract.

This social contract helps us to know from each other that we are who we say we are. By voice, sight or touch. It is interesting to see how technological advancements in generative AI will help but also harm this social contract. We’re in for a wild ride I guess…

This weekend I will be at the PKM Summit in my hometown of Utrecht. A two-day community-based event on everything regarding Personal Knowledge Management. Yes, it will a geeky and fun event on how to take notes. And actually do something with them. I look forward to two days in this safe and comfortable bubble of note-taking enthousiasts who also love to configure everything and anything under the sun when it comes to Obsidian. Or even Emacs perhaps? The timetable doesn’t say anything about Emacs-themed talks. And I am too much of a padawan to give a talk about this DIY kit for building Your Personal Text Editor myself. I still have to think about what I want to take out of it and plan accordingly. And I have to figure out how to combine this conference with the annual Mariokart Tournament on Friday evening at our corporate clubhouse!

The fine people at Neatnik keep coming with cool stuff. Next to the universe, this summer we will see I love the domainname. I love their explanation:

Web 1 Land is a place for people who remember and love the best parts of the web–or people who missed that era and want to experience it today. It’s a place where you can have fun writing HTML without the overhead of today’s “modern” content publishing ecosystems. A place where you can be yourself, do your thing, and make your web pages.

I love reading the latest P&B with Sara Joy. Her blogging adventures are filled with relatable stories and I really enjoy her recommendations of other blogs and sites. The whole series of People and Blogs is worth a read by the way!

The Gaslight Anthem live in Utrecht

The last time I saw The Gaslight Anthem live, they had just released their breakthrough album “The ’59 Sound”, way back in 2009. After that, I sort of checked their later albums every now and again, but somehow they fell of the radar with my listening habits. Last night they played TivoliVredenburg in my hometown Utrecht and I’m glad I bought the tickets way in advance. Their latest album History Books hits the right nerve for me and I listened to their back catalogue the last couple of days.

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De tweede Dungeons and Dragons quest met het hele gezin was weer de moeite waard. We zijn veilig in het stadje Phandalin aangekomen. Om daarna samen met zoonlief in de Stonehill Inn een bar-brawl te starten met vier oude vijanden. We konden het niet laten. Vrouw en dochter keken ons hoofdschuddend aan vanaf de tafel, terwijl we bijna het onderspit delfden. Gelukkig schoten ze ons toch te hulp. Nu is het weer tijd om uit te rusten en daarna op zoek te gaan naar de leider van de lokale Redbrands bende…

DnD charactersheet and the polydice
Mijn charactersheet en dobbelstenen

Irene en Karin ken ik inmiddels al jaren uit de Nederlandse weblogwereld. Zij zijn recent het platform Rocktheblog gestart, een blog over bloggen. Met advies voor zowel beginners als de ervaren bloggers. Ik kreeg een aantal leuke vragen voorgeschoteld over mijn drijfveren, inspiratie en bloggeschiedenis voor een artikel op de site. KLIK!

Voor de weblog-geschiedschrijvers onder u, ik heb mijn weblog-geschiedenis eens op een rij gezet. Van 2000 tot nu. Alle titels, alle URLs.

Zin in de dag! Vandaag spelen we het tweede hoofdstuk van het Dungeons and Dragons avontuur waar we in februari mee begonnen. Het complete gezin speelt mee, en ik ben benieuwd welk avontuur we vandaag beleven. Finn (12) telde de dagen al af tot vandaag, hij heeft enorm veel zin om weer in zijn rol te kruipen. Vanavond gaan we naar The Gaslight Anthem. De band zag ik voor het laatst in 2009 (denk ik?) en leadzanger Brian Fallon zagen we in 2016 nog eens op Lowlands. En de zon schijnt! Wat een dag, nu al!