In my last post (in Dutch) I wondered if I should join a Facebook group. I’ve been off this network for 6 years and I don’t miss it one bit. Or so I thought. But that’s not the point now. I can’t see any comments and I need help from the internet!

I joined a private group and introduced myself. I got some nice thumbs-up and likes, next to some comments. But for some reason I can’t see those comments. And from what I understand, others can’t see the comments as well. When the administrator of the group adds a comment with my name in it, that’s the only comment I can see. In the screenshot below you see there should be 9 comments, but I can only see my own and one from the administrator.

Screenshot-PSC en AiH (overlap) Nederlandstalig  Hallo. Ik volg deze groep sinds een jaar met tussenpozen  Facebook-20240126214907@2x.

I have seen every corner, toggle and select-box of the settings and privacycenter on Facebook, but I can’t find any clue on what might be wrong with my settings. Is there anyone here who might know where to find a solution to this very strange problem?