It has been almost a year since the last time we visited the National Videogame Museum here in the Netherlands. It’s not really a museum in the classic sense of the word. The curators created some really nice time capsules, small bedrooms from different decades with the correct console game, TV, posters, popculture-references and great insights in the creation of videogames and its culture.

Back to the arcade sign

But most of all it’s a walhalla of arcade cabinets. Around 300 free to play games, from the old classics like Asteroids, Outrun and Galaga, to Japanese sitdown cabinets, a whole section dedicated to rhythm and dance games and modern games around the Pokemon and Mario franchise.

Lines of racing games Lines of arcade cabinets

Me and my son visit the museum at least once a year during the school holidays. Today is a great day, since they just moved to a bigger space. I look forward to how it looks and will try to play a few of my favorites from last time: Guitar Hero, Star Wars Podracer and Densha De Go! This is a 3D trainsimulator, where you get to drive the realistic train routes in Japan. But also the golden oldies like Galaga, Donkey Kong and Outrun. Lets-a go!