One thing I love in open networks and decentralized services is the possibility to post from where ever you want. I could already do this in WordPress, in it is the same situation. I can post from Drafts. I can post with an iOS Shortcut, I can use third party apps. And now I am testing to see if I can post from Emacs with this script. I downloaded it, installed it in my init.el file and changed the app-password and destination-address. Why do this? Because it is possible. Because I love to tinker and play around with tools like this.

Update: I had to add the request package and change one line for a moment, since markdown-regex-link-inline wasn’t there, and I think it is something of a custom function from the original author.

screenshot of my Emacs buffer with this blogpost

Update 2: After I posted this succesfully as a draft, I realized this script really just posts whatever you send it from Emacs. Since I write in orgmode in Emacs and there is some Denote frontmatter in the post, I have to tweak the original script to convert orgmode to markdown and remove the frontmatter. I think this is not impossible. To the garage!