On the topic of blogging and personal publishing, I found so many interesting articles and nuggets of wisdom the last couple of months through RSS feeds, Mastodon and micro.blog. I collected most of it in a Drafts file with the intention to write a blogpost that connects it all with some thoughts from myself. But, as it goes, life just happens and nothing comes of it. So why not just share it and make sure others can enjoy it too.

Rediscovering the Old Internet Vibe — Noisy Deadlines

We can bring back some of the old Internet vibe by creating smaller, more manageable groups. The first step is to establish our own spaces on the web, which are separate from the large, walled social media gardens.

just pouring one out for my twittr - Ben Werdmuller

What we do know is that Twitter is gone, and each and every one of you reading this will be better off using a fediverse network like Mastodon or Threads instead. Or just posting to the web on your own website and reading other peoples’ updates using RSS. Or going outside and touching grass.

More Thoughtful Reading & Writing on the Web - Tantek

Spending more time reading thoughtful posts not only alleviates such scarcity, it can also displace the artificial sense of urgency to respond when scrolling through soundbyte status updates.

How I approach crafting a blog post – Tracy Durnell

If I have a bunch of ideas upfront, I’ll dump bullet points at the top of the document. I don’t want to forget anything by the time I finish writing my first idea in prose!

(I really want to follow up on that post one day!)

How I learned to stop worrying and structure all writing as a list - Dynomight

And you don’t need to write things as a “pure” list. It’s fine to use other sections if you need them.

Enjoy the difference - Minutes to Midnight

The point is to highlight how a corporate soulless software, exploiting people by manipulating their behaviour to enhance negative feelings, is not the place where to build a community

Why your blog still needs RSS — Paolo Amoroso’s Journal

Those few RSS subscribers are much more engaged and valuable than the many social media users who don’t read or click links.

Post by post. — Ethan Marcotte

“Maybe this is better.”

Stop calling people “content creators” - Rubenerd

Developers pushed back on being labelled “programmers” for years, because conceptualising, designing, writing, iterating, and testing quality software is more than typing code. Yet artists are supposed to accept the equivalent term for themselves and their craft?

The necessity of boredom - Engaged Reading Time

Boredom has been critical to the development of so many artists.

(And so many other interesting links in this post!)

What makes a weblog a weblog? - Harvard Weblogs

The unedited voice of a person

(pre-social media, that’s all there was to it…)

Some blogging myths - Julia Evans

You actually just need to know 1-2 interesting things that the reader doesn’t.

What happened to blogging for the hell of it? · wiwi blog

I’ll continue to write about things that make me feel passionate, not how to make money or gain followers.

Ruining Blogging - Greg Morris

Perhaps we are edging our way back towards a better social web that encourages blogging more, or perhaps this is just wishful thinking

On Writing For Yourself In Public | Brain Baking

Writing in public with low monthly visitor counts has the additional benefit of daring to experiment in absence of pressure.

bring back the blog – The Homebound Symphony

[…] this is the time for people to rediscover the pleasures of blogging – of writing at whatever length you want, and posting photos, and embedding videos, and linking to music playlists, all on your little corner of the internet.